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15 Sep

A Bathing Suit Wardrobe

It’s mid September and there is a slight chill  in the air today.  Here in Southern Callifornia, September and October are usually our warmest days of the year. For me, Swimsuit Season is not over!  I actually wear a bathing suit almost every day.  My Eres tank suits are perfect for yoga.  And of course I have a whole wardrobe of suits to choose  to wear on our  beach or in our spa.  I even wear a bathing suit while I edit my blog!   That’s what I am doing in the photo above! I love this blue Roidal suit and matching ombre effect pareo!  I love it so much, I even purchased the same suit and coverup in a  green and yellow combination.

Once I went to look at a home that was for sale in Beverly Hills.  It happened to have belonged to the actress Audrey Meadows.  Audrey  had quite a glamorous life. In addition to her acting career she was married to Robert Six who had been CEO of Continental Airlines.  Their home was lovely and I especially loved the authentic Japanese teahouse in their garden.  They were both gone by the time I visited.  All the furnishing had already been removed.  The only reminder of the occupants was Audrey’s swim suit wardrobe hanging in her closet. It left quite an impression on me!

Everyone should have a great bathing suit or an entire  bathing suit wardrobe like Audrey and I have.  If you are young you can probably go anywhere in the world with the tiniest bikini.  But if you are little older and you arrive at the Villa d’Este’s floating pool at Lake Como or the Hotel du Cap’s Eden Rock pool in Antibes, or The Brando Resort,  you need a beautiful suit, some swim jewelry, and a glamorous matching coverup.  Here is what I mean.

This is a Roberto Cavalli tunic over an Agua to Coco suit that just happens to look custom made to match because it is a pattern of woven palm fronds

Chanel jacket and bathing suit, pearls, and Gemma Del Vecchio couture hat

Chanel jacket and bathing suit, pearls, and Gemma Del Vecchio couture hat for Capri’s Grand Hotel Quisisana.

Mesqita suit and coverup for The Brando Resort, Marlon Brando's private Island in French Polynesia

Meskita suit and coverup for The Brando Resort, Marlon Brando’s private island in French Polynesia.  My swim jewelry in this case are my new anniversary black Tahitian pearls

Cindy Canzoneri
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