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19 Oct

Ace Gallery Dinner for Ruth Pastine and Gary Lang

Last Thursday night we attended an incredible dinner in honor of Ruth Pastine and Gary Lang at Ace Gallery Beverly Hills.  Gary is probably best known for his amazingly colored concentric circles.  This exhibition features his recent work, such as “Rising”, the 24 piece panel at the end of the room and the faceted paintings on the left gallery wall.

The black and blue gradient painting is by Ruth Pastine.  Her exhibition,” Ethereal Material”,  explores  the viewer’s perception, color theory and her own brand of optical magic which she creates by painstakingly layering  brushstroke on brushstroke of complimentary colored paints to create the impression  of movement or pulsing in the painting.  You have to go see it in person!

It was an incredible, auspicious and unforgettable evening. The exhibition is simply superb and I  sincerely hope you can stop in to see it, or maybe even buy a piece! The evening was also incredibly sentimental to many in attendance as this particular gallery space will be closing on November 13th to make way for the new  Beverly Hills Metro Station.  I have so many fond memories of openings and events at this gallery.  I will never forget its Grand Opening, or the Robert Graham Opening where Tony and Joni Mitchell talked like old friends for hours, or going to see our huge Sam Francis Edge piece every Sunday until it could be moved to our house.  Romeo would run loop de loops around the gallery until he was exhausted!   I guess everything changes eventually but my memories are as vivid as the moment they happened.  The other Ace Gallery, located at 5514 Wilshire,  remains open.

This exhibition is at Ace Gallery, 9430 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills CA.





One of Ruth's beautiful paintings

One of Ruth’s beautiful minimal paintings.  This one is actually titled Blue Orange 15-S6060!


I wore this Marc Jacobs top because it reminded me of Ruth's paintings

I wore this Marc Jacobs top to the dinner because it reminded me of Ruth’s paintings.  The cellophane fringe in black and blue remind me of her brushstrokes.



Picky and Pushy

Picky and Pushy



Cindy Canzoneri
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