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19 Oct

Ace Gallery Dinner for Ruth Pastine and Gary Lang

Last Thursday night we attended an incredible dinner in honor of Ruth Pastine and Gary Lang at Ace Gallery Beverly Hills.  Gary is probably best known for his amazingly colored concentric circles.  This exhibition features his recent work, such as "Rising", the 24 piece panel at the end of the room and the faceted paintings on the left gallery wall. The black and blue gradient painting is by Ruth Pastine.  Her exhibition," Ethereal Material",  explores  the viewer's perception, color theory and...
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15 Sep

My Powder Room Makeover

I have a tiny powder room that has mirrored walls, a mirrored ceiling, and a floor that looks like glass.  It also has a glass sink, glass countertop,and an interesting tower of woven aluminum and beads. It was pretty dramatic before. But then I found a laser light at CVS drugstore.  I originally purchased the light for my garden.  And I still have one down there.  But Pushy got the idea of taking it into the powder room.  He  plugged...
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27 Jan

The Costume Council Board of Directors 2012-2013

Little Black Dress, High Heels and Pearls
In 2012-2013, I was honored to serve as Chairman of LACMA's Costume Council.  I invited our brilliant, beautiful and hardworking board members to celebrate the council's 60 year history by attending this Audrey Hepburn style photo shoot wearing Little Black or White dresses, high heels, and pearls. Photographs were taken by  Andreas Branch and I put together this little montage.  It sometimes takes a little while for video to load. ...
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8 Dec

At Home with Rene Gruau

Cindy Canzoneri andRene Gruau at h is home in Cannes, France
  I was thrilled to meet world famous fashion illustrator, Rene Gruau at his seaside home in Cannes, France.  Later that evening, we joined him for a sole dinner at his favorite restaurant!  What an unforgettable night! Rene worked with all the French fashion houses  but his most important connection was with the House of Dior through his close friend, Christian Dior.  I love the illustrations he did for Dior. This Rene Gruau illustration helped launch Dior's New Look....
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21 Nov

I See Spots! Bob Zoell, Hoots and my little Moschino Suit

We LOVE the work of Bob Zoell.  We have been friends since 1987 when we purchased our first Bob Zoell painting at Ace Gallery.  He is well known for his "Spot" paintings and for his language based pieces.   He has had  gallery and museum exhibitions in Japan, France and throughout the United States.   His work is in the permanent collection  of LACMA and OCMA. He  received the Pollack/Krasner Grant and  the Adolph Gottlib Grant.  In 2001- 2002 he...
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15 Nov

Tim Hawkinson’s Eyeglobe and Issey Miyake’s Pleats Please Collaboration

Here is an interesting meeting of fashion and art from my past.  This features a piece we used to own, Tim Hawkinson's Eye Globe 1992 and a dress it inspired--Issey Miyake's dress from the Pleats Please Guest Artist No. Series. Eye Globe was probably the only piece  I ever purchased without showing it to my husband first.  Luckily for me, he loved it too!   I think Tim Hawkinson and I arrived at Ace Gallery at almost the same time.  I...
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