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15 Sep

My Powder Room Makeover

I have a tiny powder room that has mirrored walls, a mirrored ceiling, and a floor that looks like glass.  It also has a glass sink, glass countertop,and an interesting tower of woven aluminum and beads. It was pretty dramatic before. But then I found a laser light at CVS drugstore.  I originally purchased the light for my garden.  And I still have one down there.  But Pushy got the idea of taking it into the powder room.  He  plugged it in. And WOW!   Magic!   It is our own art installation.  It is very similar to infinity installations at several museums.   We can’t get people out of there.


Cindy Canzoneri
  • judie

    Your entire home is an art piece! And you and Tony are brilliant curators.

    September 15, 2016 at 8:50 pm Reply

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