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19 Dec

The Story of our Christmas Tree

The happiest time of the year revolves around our Christmas tree.  We love searching for the perfect tree, reuniting with our favorite ornaments again,  hanging each one with care and finally celebrating our grand creation.  It is all about tradition.  And Love.  We are dreaming of a  sparkly White Christmas!  Happy scrolling!


We search all the big tree lots in LA for the perfect Christmas tree. It must be at least 12 feet tall, have lots of space between the branches for our large ornaments, and it needs a small diameter at the bottom, so we can still walk around the living room! Sometimes our tree looks a bit like Charlie Brown’s tree on the lot, but once it gets to our house, we give it our special Cinderella transformation treatment.


Here it comes!


It is never easy to get the big tree in! You can see that it is almost as long as our room.  And it has to be tilted up.  A few times, I almost got a tree that was too big!


Pushy is dressed for decorating in his silver Gucci sneakers with the special Christmas shoelaces.  Because we love on the beach in Malibu, I usually wear my bathing suit to decorate the tree.


And up on the ladder he goes! It’s SO nice to have a man around the house! Kisses Santa!






I like to put mirrored boxes and mercury glass vases around the bottom of  tree to fill in until I have all the presents wrapped.


I like to wrap all the gifts in silver paper with silver bows.



Romeo loves posing by the Christmas tree!




I add to the magic with projected snowflakes that fall down the walls.



Nighttime holiday magic. It’s all about the lighting.  When blue led lights are mixed with real candlelight, something incredible happens. The same effect happens  in reverse on the tree  when we mix warm colored twinkle lights with blue led “rain lights”.





Time to celebrate!  I love to bring out my Lalique Angel champagne  flutes, my Salviatti ice bucket , and my caviar set including mother of pearl caviar spoons I purchased in Thailand.


Here’s to you,Darling! 















Cindy Canzoneri
  • Karsten Faerber

    Most beautiful tree

    December 19, 2016 at 3:17 pm Reply
  • Carol L Cook

    Your tree is absolutely gorgeous. I am surprised you could find such a tall, but narrow tree. And, I’m wondering which Porsche you put it in to get it home!

    Have a wonderful Christmas and promise that we will me for lunch in January.

    December 19, 2016 at 4:57 pm Reply

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