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13 Feb

Looking for the Perfect Valentines Gift?

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife.  I am sharing a gift my  husband (otherwise known on this blog as Pushy) sent to me.  I have the best husband!


Imagine how thrilled I was when  my favorite florist, Floral Art LA, sent to me this incredible arrangement and the equally exotic package standing behind it!


And this is the beautiful surprise inside the package. This stunning red Celine crocodile clutch.  You can’t really tell how large it is in this photo but it is probably 16 inches long! Tony remembered that I had admired it at the Celine store. I was so touched by the fact that he remembered and went back to pick it up.  They had two bags and he carefully compared the skins on each one choosing the superior one with brighter color and the best scales.  I loved that he planned ahead.  And that he went to the trouble of  consulting with the florist about how to bring his idea of creating  the perfect presentation to reality by sending it ahead  so she could make a floral arrangement which represented  the bag  in such a beautiful way!  She  really caught the spirit of the clutch in flowers!  For me this is the  epitome of gift giving!  A much desired object presented in an amazing way.  An amazing presentation from the wrapping paper on the gift, to the red Chinese silk wrapping the vase, to the gold silk tassels which represented the gold trim on the bag. And my favorite white orchids which everyone know I adore! And of course it came with the promise that I could get the matching red crocodile Manolo shoes!  Love!


The most important element of gift giving is giving the person something he or she wants, whether it is something big or small. Not what you want! And if you have been paying attention, you will know what what her heart desires, whether it is a book, or something the two of you saw out at a flea market on Sunday morning.   Also, if it is an expensive gift, please make sure you can return it just in case she doesn’t love it!  In the end, gift giving is all about letting you know  you love her!

I love, love love the velvety texture of these roses and the way the petals have been reflexed. You can practice this floral technique at home.


Special Alert!  I am hoping to post a very special Valentine’s Day post tomorrow, so I hope you will check back.  Happy Valentines.  Sending love and kisses to lovers all around the world!  Like the song says, “Hello young lovers, wherever you are!”

Cindy Canzoneri
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  • judie

    You’re right. You have the best husband. But then, he has the best wife!

    February 14, 2017 at 1:15 am Reply

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