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8 Dec

A Fashion Moment with Suzy Menkes

I love Suzy Menkes ongoing witty commentary on the fashion world.  This was the second time I had the pleasure of meeting her, and she was kind enough to act like she remembered the other time!  She is so much fun to talk with, and surprisingly, so down to earth  and approachable despite the glamourous globe trotting life she leads as one of the world’s most famous fashion writers– previously for the International Herald Tribune and now Vogue!

This photo was taken at the Opening Night of the Exhibition “Fashioning Fashion” at the Louvre’s Musee de La Mode in Paris in 2012.  Since this exhibition featured lacma’s collection of 18th Century French clothing,  I wore a Chanel dress from the Chanel Cruise, 2013 Collection that was inspired by the style of Marie Antoinette.  This dress actually has a pannier.  This is a fun dress to  try to pack into the driver’s seat of my Porsche!  It’s not easy being a Porsche Princess.

See, the dress is pretty wide, but that is why I LOVE it!

See, the dress is pretty wide, but that is why I LOVE it!

Cindy Canzoneri
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