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10 Apr

His and Hers



Picky and Pushy have been happily married for  a very long time! Forty seven years!  People ask us what the secret is to our happy marriage.  Well, we have lots of them, like listening to each other and listening to Cole Porter love songs.  As Cole would say, and we would agree,”Birds do it, bees do it, even chic Malteses ( a little poetic license) at the Ritz do it, Let’s do it! Let’s fall in love!”

But another secret is having similar tastes.  It  just so happens that we love many of the same things and that leads to a  little His and Her collection.  We don’t like to clash with each other so a lot times we wear the same colors , like on this day when we were wearing black and white. When we saw these black and white  his and her Chanel tennis shoes, we knew we had to have them!  It is so cool that Chanel has a growing selection of mens pieces available at some stores.



We love to shop together!


And of course, Romeo loves to go shopping on Rodeo Drive with us. It looks like I dress to match him!


One secret to a long and happy marriage is never having to argue over who gets to drive the Porsche!


We have to put a tag on one set of keys so we can tell which car they go with.


Our Chanel J12 Watches. Sometimes Tony knows what I will love before I do.  He gave me a J12 when it first came out but I returned it. But that didn’t keep him from trying again the next year. By then, I was really ready for it!   It is perfect with my white jeans and white turtleneck uniform.  And of course, it is perfect for a girl who lives in a white house. And has a white dog.  And a white car. Now his watch  looks a little bland to me but really it is so him!

Until recently we had matching Apple stuff– MacBook Airs, iPads and phones, but he ruined it when he got a black Iphone  What am I going to do with him?  Incompatible?  No way!


Cindy Canzoneri
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