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28 Jan

Let’s shop Rodeo Drive!

Here is a casual outfit for doing a little shopping on Rodeo Drive.

The details:  My Trademark Ted Lapidus sunglasses, Chanel leather jacket trimmed with gold braid, Chanel purse, Chanel ballet flats, Chanel hoop earrings and very old vintage Chanel ceramic bangles.



Ted Lapidus Susnglasses

Vintage Ted Lapidus Sunglasses.  I used to have about 12 pairs of these in every color.  Then one day, while cleaning the closet,  I decided to throw them  out.  As soon as they were gone, I realized I had made a terrible mistake.  So now, I have started collecting them again!

Scan 150280000Some things never change!  Here is a photo of me wearing my very first Chanel suit from 1983, the first year Karl Lagerfeld designed for Chanel.  And you will see that even then, I was wearing my  “trademark” Ted Lapidus  sunglasses, very similar to the ones featured above!  Thirty two years later, (Yikes!) it is still Chanel and Lapidus for me!

Cindy Canzoneri
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