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11 Nov

How to Get That Cozy November Feeling

As soon as we turn the clocks back each fall, all I want to do is cuddle up with Tony and Romeo, make something really comforting for dinner, light all my candles and enjoy the season.  Seasonal flower arrangements are essential to getting into the mood. The is not the time for tulips even if you can get them at the flower market. This year I started with this look.  I found these really great English candlesticks at a little shop in Carmel called Jane Austin at Home.  I found the wreaths made of berries and twigs at Walgreens Drugstore on sale for $10.00 each!  They are dried, so I can reuse them next year. I really like the silver candelabras juxtaposed against our contemporary background.  And we Love dining in the glow of real candles.img_4137

Today I made another early fall arrangement for my coffee table.  This is made with one of those mixed seasonal arrangements from the grocery store.  I cut the flowers short and place them inside a  glass vase.  Something about all the flowers being under the rim of the vase magnifies the flowers and transforms them into something dramatic and special.  It looks beautiful at night when I light all the candles on my tray.img_4132




View from the side

View from the side


This is the view from above

This is the view from above

Cindy Canzoneri
  • Adrienne Horwitch

    The warm beautiful cozy look against the clean contemporary crispness of the beach helps set the Holiday mood!

    November 12, 2016 at 11:51 am Reply

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